Our animation studio’s story

Built on friendship

Bigman was founded in 2010 by Tom and Rob, 2 life long friends with complimentary skills and a shared vision.

Tom Painter – Director

Tom’s passion for computer graphics started when he was just 6 years old, 30 years later and he’s still at it with no signs of slowing down!

Robert Anderson – Creative director

Rob has refined his confident and versatile illustration techniques over the past 14 years of working with some of the worlds largest brands.

Two bug 3D cartoon characters dancing

Our process

Fools rush in!

Our tried and tested production process takes a planned approach, to ensure your deadlines are met and your budget is maximised.

We listen

We work to understand your goals and aspirations, so that we can work together on a strategy that delivers.

We design

We quickly work through design iterations on paper, to solve major problems before they happen.

Sketched storyboards showing project development

Our technology

Advanced technology

As beta testers for CGI software creators such as Pixar, The Foundry and Autodesk we help to shape the development of the world’s leading animation software. We have even written tutorials for Pixar’s Renderman University!

Research and development

We are passionate about creating bespoke artwork for all of our clients and we often develop our own innovative software to help us achieve our vision. Our groundbreaking programs Pollock and Truchet allow us to generate images in unique, artistic styles that will help you to stand out, or if you want realism, our Cyclops technology will ensure a 99.99% match with real life objects using only a handful of photographs.


Truchet, Cyclops and Pollock programs