Our 360 Video Service

Why 360 video?

Video is one of the most engaging mediums out there, but now with 360 video we can take that rich experience to the next level and immerse our audience by putting them right there inside their content.

Virtual reality video

With VR headsets we can tell our stories in incredibly powerful new ways, with no distractions, surrounded on all sides by the worlds that we transport the viewer to.

The empathy machine

360 video is the ultimate first person view and can cultivate empathy for subjects, situations and perspectives in ways that traditional film makers have only dreamed of.

Go anywhere!

360 video allows us to transport the viewer to places they could never visit, like a nuclear reactor, into space or to an active volcano!

Remote viewings

Save your customers a trip to check out a property, or to scout out potential holiday destinations by allowing them to instantly be there and check it out.

360 explainer video

Transport the viewer into your location to tell your story in the most authentic and intimate way.


360 interactive tours

We can setup hotspot buttons on 360 tours to allow you to navigate your way around a space, and to access information about different regions of interest in the environment.

View 360 in the web browser 

The easiest way to view your 360 content is in a web browser window like this one, nothing to setup or learn, simply click and drag the mouse to look around.

Custom 360 video apps

If you need to deliver your content in a tightly controlled environment, with the optimal user experience or custom analytics features we can wrap up your 360 content in a custom app.


Pre-production and planning

Our wealth of experience with traditional film and 360 video and our obsession with attention to detail means our shoots go without a hitch as we nail everything down as much as we can before the day of the shoot.

360 post production

Our heritage in high-end compositing and CGI means we are perfectly placed to make any tweaks to the 360 video footage we shoot. Add 360 motion graphics, extra CGI elements to your shoot, retouch things for a more perfect look or simply remove unwanted details

Our 360 camera collection

We have experience with many high-end camera setups including the 6 go-pro ‘Omni’ rig and our current favourite, Izugar’s 4 camera Z4XL for stunning detail and beautiful images.

Samsung Gear 360 camera

Samsung gear 360

Cheap, light, small, easy to use

iZugar 2XL 180 camera


Quick and easy stereo 180 images. Click here to see our blog post about this format

iZugar 4XL 360 camera


beautifully crisp 360 video, good in low light, our default shooting choice

iZugar 8XL 360 camera


Like the Z4XL but in stereo for more realistic depth

Our VR headset collection

We have an exhaustive collection of head mounted displays including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google cardboard and daydream headsets, and also Samsung’s Gear VR. Because of our deep knowledge of each platform we can help you choose the most suitable platform on the market and  deploy and test your 360 content.

Google cardboard – cheap VR for the masses

Because everyone has a smartphone these days, for as little as $1.50 per unit you can quickly and easily deploy virtual reality to a large audience with Google’s cardboard headsets.

Your own branded headsets

For a little extra cost, Google cardboard headsets can be printed with your own logo which is great for making a long lasting, professional impression on your audience.


Google card board and Vive VR headsets

Need to get your head around 360 video and VR?

Is your mind boggled by all the possibilities? Don’t worry we have written a blog post, The directors guide to 360 video and VR to help you get your head around everything